Rancilio Cube SICAF Spa is born!

Rancilio Cube SICAF Spa is born!

On the 7 th of July, the Rancilio family founded Rancilio Cube SICAF spa, a supervised investment company with fixed capital that garners all the international venture capital investments made directly over nearly ten years of work.

The portfolio brings together 53 direct positions and 56 venture capital funds on a global scale.

Within the portfolio, there are investments such as SpaceX, Coach Hub, Tier, SumUp, Omaze, Rapyd, N26, Brex or the Italians Treedom and Casavo and many others.

Among the investment funds are Speedinvest, Earlybird, HV, Seedcamp and Hoxton Venture in Europe, Firstmark, Bessemer, Gsquared and Zetta in the USA, Glilot, Hetz and Jibe in Israel.

The company acts as an aggregator of exclusive international venture capital experiences and is aimed at professional investors and family offices.

Rancilio Cube SICAF Spa adopts an innovative operating model completely aligned with the investors.

The company's Board of Directors is made up of Graziella Capellini (chairwoman), Irene Mastelli, Sara Kraus, Alessandro Piccioni, Luca Rancilio (Chief Executive Officer).

The Board of Auditors is composed of Stefania Trezzini (who serves as Chair), Laura Puddu and Marco Reggiori.

The operational team is led by Massimo Ruffoni and Francesco Ghedini.

Francesco dell’Elmo supports the activities of the family office of the Rancilio family.We thank all those who have taken part and will take part in its construction.

The SICAF is born, now a long journey awaits it!!!!

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